Our Logo

  • ANC represents the initials of the founder’s name Alejandra Navarro de Chalupa.
  • The services provided by ANC reflect the overall international experience gained by the founder over the years. Her experience stands at disposal of clients.
  • The logo shows two globes that establish a union between the European and the Latin American world. This is how we see our role, in the intermediation and the commercial connection between Europe and Latin America.
  • The logo is made up of various shades of blue. Blue symbolizes not only harmony, freedom, trust and loyalty, it also stands for distance, and the infinite horizon.


ANC International Consulting e.U.
Kantgasse 3 / Top 9
A-1010 Vienna
Tel. + Fax: +43 (0)1 967 75 33
E-Mail: office@anc-ic.at