About us

In June 2008, after more than 23 successful professional years in Latin America and in Austria, we established our consulting firm in Vienna. We specialize in international business and export consulting services. Complementary to our consulting activities we also offer, in cooperation with the law office ANC Legal Office (www.anc-legal.com), legal advice for individuals as well as for companies.

We provide our know-how in our own continuing educational programs. We hold seminars and training sessions for companies and international organizations.

Dr. Alejandra Navarro de Chalupa

Dr. Alejandra Navarro de Chalupa was born in Argentina. She studied law in Argentina and Spain, and is an accredited European lawyer. Since the year 2000 she lives and works in Austria.

The State Investment Office ABA-Invest in Austria appointed Dr. Navarro de Chalupa as consultant to companies mainly from Latin America and Spain that want to settle businesses in Austria.

Curriculum vitae of Dr. Alejandra Navarro de Chalupa to download (pdf-File)
Dr. Alejandra Navarro de Chalupa’s education to download (pdf-File)


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